Jack as a Big Brother

Because I realized something recently and I love him, like, even more now.

We’re all familiar with Jack’s bare feet and ratty trousers, plus the cord wrapped around the lower halves of his legs.

And we can remember his little sister’s dress, with no tattering at the hem, and boots.

And I’m pretty sure Jack’s mom would’ve made him wear socks under his ice skates, considering they’re ice skating in winter and frostbite is a thing.

So either Jack Frost was abused and his sister was the favorite child (which is doubtful considering he glanced back LOVINGLY at his mom THREE times before going skating)…

Or Jack did without so his little sister and his mom could have a bit more.

Considering how eagerly Jack’s sister chases after him in his Easter flashback, it’s pretty safe to say her clothes went through about as much wear-and-tear as Jack’s did, but her hem is pristine.

Jack’s pant legs are not only tattered, but really short and form-fitting, especially when you compare his attire to this other boy:

His pants are loose and go all the way down to the tops of his shoes. The cords wrapped around Jack’s legs were probably an attempt to keep the fabric from tearing.

Plus we know for the handy Rise of the Guardians app that Jack was born in early colonial times, when the people going over to the Americas had literally nothing left for them in England.

And do we see Jack’s dad anywhere? No, because he was probably out working a plantation for a criminally low wage.

So Jack did his best to make sure his sister and his mom got what they needed, while he probably wore that same pair of pants for years and ran around bare foot, trying to make people laugh even though times were tough.

Jack was an excellent big brother.

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